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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Not A Good Time For Me.

I am struggling a bit at the moment.

Sophie, my Golden Retriever that I took beating with me last weekend, was hit by a car yesterday and died at the side of the road.

It's taking a while to sink in. She was only 4 years old.

She was David's dog and it all feels a bit too much to be honest, at the moment anyway, but I will pick myself up again.


  1. I am so sorry - the loss of a cherished animal, particularly at such a young age, is a great blow. My greatest condolences to you.

  2. Oh Helen, I am so sorry to hear this. What a terrible tragedy. Our thoughts are with you...

  3. Oh, no! I am so sorry. All this after your beautiful day with Sophie in the field.

    She was a happy, beautiful girl, much loved and full of her mission in life. Hold on to the memory of her running happily on that hunt, enjoying the day as a good hunting dog should.

    You were lucky to have had her with you and she was lucky to have you.

    RIP, sweet Sophie.

  4. Oh my gosh!! I'm so sorry! I wish there was something I could do to help, but I know only time can take away your pain. Hang in there.

  5. Helen I am so sorry to hear about your lovely Sophie's fatal accident, what a huge shock for you,they are such a part of the family.
    She was such a lovely girl having such a sunny temperament as well as blonde glamour.
    I will be thinking of you,and as always just at the end of the phone.

  6. Oh Helen, I am so very, very sorry.
    David's dog and all. What a terrible loss.

  7. Oh Helen I am so so sorry. They are such amazing animals and members of the family, no wonder it hurts so much.

    Thinking of you and sending tons of gentle hugs

  8. Am so sorry to hear about Sophie.You are in my thoughts xx

  9. Thank you very much, everyone. Your thoughts and kindness make all the difference.

  10. So very sorry, that is hard.
    Gill x



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