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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bella's Photoshoot Part 1.

Gracie Photoshoot!

My friend Eugen took some photos of me with Grace and Bella today. Remember the pony who couldn't canter? Well this is what clicking her for reinless stops has done for her canter, and she loves cantering now!!

The photos of Bella are so lovely there are loads that I want to share with you so it will take me a while to post them all!!

Anyway, here's my lovely Grace:

Monday, 26 July 2010

Happy Summer Days.

I've been having a really great and happy time for the last couple of weeks. All the anxiety attacks of the last 16 months seem to have gone for good and I feel confident and settled again.

I love being able to drive and go out whenever I want to and I'm hoping to get a part time job doing something where I can meet lots of other people and earn a bit of extra money. I love meeting people and getting out and about.

I make sure that I go out at least a couple of evenings a week. I was doing a Pilates class and I'm now doing an exercise class instead (it's great fun but my co-ordination is unbelievably bad!) and I make some single friends come out for a meal and a drink with me as often as I can bully them into it!!! I'm trying to start up some sort of singles club ultimately.

I'm really enthusiastic about my ponies again at long last. I've started getting Bella out on the roads again which she hasn't done a lot of yet and I'm getting my vaulting roller altered to fit my ponies so I can do some more vaulting. I'm getting a liberty show put together as I have a plan for getting my ponies noticed and I've started working with Kate in earnest so I can try and find her a good home before the winter.

My ponies have never looked more fit, shiny and well, Flora is doing brilliantly, Ben and Meg are about to start doing agility training, the Fells are well and happy and I've got some children who are going to get Crystal going for me so I can try and find her a nice home too.

My friend Peter and I finished fencing the school which has made such a difference and I put up a stockwire fence mostly single handed, which I'm very proud of!!!!

I went to The Chiltern Show last weekend and met up with Rosie from Jive Pony, her mum and her boyfriend, Ben, who did the falconry display with eagles and vultures at the show. Unfortunately Jive Pony weren't performing at the show but it was lovely to see Rosie again and Ben's display was just brilliant!!!

Here are some photos of home. I'll write in detail about my plans and work with my Dales as soon as I get a chance. Suffice for now to say that they will have their first gig in September!!!

Flora in what was supposed to be Ben's duvet. Even when it's boiling hot she tunnels her way in there and sometimes finds herself inside the cover and can't find her way out again!!!

Bella looking slightly grumpy about being tied up in the school, but very shiny!!!


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