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Friday, 18 March 2011

Getting Life Under Control!

Things have been very hectic here, as usual!

I've sold Kate to the sort of home I'd have dreamed of finding for her and made two new friends at the same time!

She's gone to a very experienced rider and trainer who specialises in teaching Classical Riding. She works for a 3 Day Eventer, who is fast becoming a friend too, and she was looking for a horse to play with and bring on slowly. We got on like a house on fire and she's since been in touch to tell me how delighted she is with Kate - so much so that she's interested in maybe having one or even two of the Fells to bring on as well.

She seemed to approve of the work I'd already done with Kate and her attitude to life, which was very reassuring for me, and we both have very much the same ideas on training horses patiently and sympathetically, but effectively, without any fuss or drama if possible!

I'd like to keep the Fells longer and do more with them myself but there's just SO much work that still needs doing here. I need to do a major overhaul on the fencing and, even if I could afford to pay someone to do it all for me, I really do get tremendous enjoyment and satisfaction from doing as much of it as possible myself.

I've also got a couple of people interested in Crystal, who I love to bits and she's no trouble at all, but she's wasted here and would make a small child very happy, along with enjoying the attention herself.

The house is coming on well and the last room is nearly finished now. We have a big party planned for 18th June - Hilary and Charlotte - if you're free? And anyone else who can get here!

Mike and I are finding it very hard only seeing each other at weekends so I'm looking to buy a small, economical car so we can meet up more often.

On Monday my friend Peter drove my parents and I to Peterborough to see Mike in action (my 2nd time of watching the play). It was brilliant and everyone in the audience always says how well acted it is. There are some fantastic reviews here and I'm very, very proud of him!!!

We had a lovely evening and afterwards took my parents for their first ever MacDonalds!!! It was my dad's birthday and he was 79yo. They get on really well with both Mike and Peter, and Peter said how resilient and easy going they are for their age. Peter is just about the kindest, most patient person I've ever met.

So all is going well here and hopefully I'll soon be back to my original quota of ponies!!! It feels a bit like a huge weight of responsibility lifting at last!!!

My two year watershed passed on Wednesday and I was driving the Landy through a busy town centre, full of confidence, thinking that I just wish David could see me now! He'd be both horrified and amazed in equal measure!

Life can certainly change a tremendous amount in just two years. I have an awful lot to be grateful to David for, and I always will be!


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