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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Happy Christmas!!!

I hope everyone who reads this has had a brilliant Christmas!!!

I've had a really great one. It began a couple of weeks ago when we went to see the first screening of a short film Mike was in recently. It was made to promote a youth centre in Oxford and was shown at the centre. Mike was one of only two professional actors in the film; the other was playing the youth leader. All the other people in the film were regulars from the centre, none of whom had never done anything like it before, including the girl in the lead role who was simply terrific!!!

The atmosphere at the centre was brilliant and very inspiring and inspired. Do have a look at the film:

A couple of days later we went to see 'The Magistrate' at The National Theatre in London. It's a farce written by Arthur Wing Pinero in 1885 and starred John Lithgow. It was very funny and I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the lead female character, Agatha, played by Nancy Carroll who's husband I met last summer when Mike was working with him at the Chichester Festival!

I took some photos of the stalls and lights on the Southbank just outside The National Theatre:

Last Thursday we went to the Christmas party at Whipsnade Zoo, as the guests of our liveries who work there. It was Mexican themed and great fun and very kind of them to invite us. We got to keep the sombreros and I'm going to have to get some photos of the donkeys wearing them!

Last Saturday we went to see 'One Man Two Govnors' at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London and it was just brilliant! We ached with laughing afterwards and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting a truely hilarious evening. I thought Mike was going to do himself an injury at one point, he was laughing so much!

We had a lovely Christmas Day and Boxing Day, spending Christmas evening with my parents and Boxing Day evening with Mike's parents and family (too much mucking out to do to go anywhere in daylight hours!). That's one of the many lovely things about getting married - you get a whole new second family! They are all lovely, kind, friendly people and animal lovers too, and we all get on really well. It was lovely to socialise and catch up with everyone.

We're going to see Warhorse at The New London Theatre in January and I'm hoping to get tickets for The Devil's Horsemen's panto if I can just remember to phone up tomorrow to see if they have any left, so plenty more treats to look forward too still!

It's a hard life but somebody has to live it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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