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Friday, 27 August 2010

Farm Photos.

I will explain about all these photos later.

Farm Photos.

I will explain about these later!!!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My First Baby Alpaca Born Today!!!

My first ever cria was born today. My vet arrived to take strangles swabs from 11 horses to make sure none of them are carriers and asked me if I knew that my alpaca had just unpacked!!! I didn't know what he meant for a minute as I'd been rushing around getting all the horses in and hadn't noticed anything was happening! She had literally just been born at 11.20 this morning when he arrived.

I couldn't believe my luck that she's a girl and she's HUGE! Crystal was a complete star and let me fiddle about getting her milk going and plugging the baby on, all without moving a muscle.

Sam was being a complete pain and jumping on Crystal, even though he's castrated, so I led him with Leo following up to the field with the sheep in it. It was a longish walk and he led brilliantly. He laid down a couple of times to begin with so the next time he tried I kept his head up to keep him on his feet ad he just gave in immediately and led enthusiastically the rest of the way. It was lovely to see him and Leo careering around a big field for once.

I brought Crystal and the baby, who is called Daisy, in before we had yet another thunderstorm and Sapphire came in with them. Here are some photos of Daisy at just 4 hours old:

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Fantastic Weekend!

I've had a really brilliant weekend! On Friday night I had two of my favourite men around for fish and chips and we put the world to rights between us!

On Saturday night I went out with my 'singles club'! This at the moment consists of myself and 3 single female friends, but you have to start somewhere! We try to go out once a week or so for a meal and alcohol. I wanted to go clubbing afterwards but they wouldn't!!!

One of my 'singles club' friends used to showjump at quite a high level, including The Horse Of The Year Show. She was reminiscing about how she once beat Annette Lewis and Tutin in a jump off. It reminded me of my finest victory and the one which sticks in my mind (not quite on the same scale!) - I once beat a local semi-professional rider in a jump off on my free 14.2 cob, Jonesy, who I was given because no-one else wanted him. He was a brilliant pony and I had him until he was put down at the age of 30.

It reminded me that my plan was always to affiliate Bella for dressage and try to compete against some 'names' on expensive horses, on my £850 pound Dales Pony, and show what Dales Ponies and clicker training are capable of. I am suddenly back on track with my plans again and feeling very positive and determined!!!

I got up full of enthusiasm and rode Bella first thing this morning and her canter is now coming on brilliantly! I need to get her and the others swabbed to make sure they're not strangles carriers and then I can make some real plans for our future.

I've also sold one of the two year old Fells as soon as I get him tested. He's going to two lovely teenage girls who he was all over like a rash when they came to see them. He picked them really!!!

I then helped my fantastic friend Peter fix down the new roofing sheets he's mended my barn roof with, went to lunch with my parents as my brother and his wife who live some distance away were there and I don't see them very often, came back and helped Peter hang some gates for me, and then finished off all the usual jobs.

I came in and found that the editor of PetStreet has asked me to write a weekly diary for the site, which I'm really proud and excited about.

I've decided that I'll probably keep Kate and the older Fell, who is now called Merlin (I never liked the name Bertie) until next spring and just tiggle along with them over the winter. Kate is now nearly as good as Bella at liberty and she is going to make a lovely, calm, sensible horse, and Merlin is so sweet and kind and I haven't made enough time to do him justice yet. Crystal has some children who are hopefully having her on loan here so she too has a job.

If I have to get more work to pay for them all then I'll do whatever it takes. I hate sitting around doing nothing anyway and am happiest when I'm busy, and I have so much energy and enthusiasm these days. Life is short and I'm making the most of it!!!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Alpacas on PetStreet.

I wrote a short article about Alpacas for PetStreet which they have very kindly published;

I also did my first Regiment Fitness training and I LOVED it, especially the boxing and the assault course!!! A very competitive and stubborn streak comes out in me where I hate to be beaten and hate to quit!!!! On a horse it was always tempered by worry about the horse's welfare and well being but when it's on my own account it's a whole new ball game!!! I was never at all sporty as a child but I seem to be making up for it now and it feels great!!!!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Fitness Training.

Following on from the Pilates I've been doing an aerobic exercise class every week which is much more my cup of tea and I've now persuaded a friend who's as up for things as I am (and nearly as old!!!) to have a go at this with me, starting on Wednesday night:

Sometimes you just have to try things, don't you?!!!!!


I was introduced to this forum by a friend and, as my old friends here will remember, I am more than a little wary of forums these days (and especially their owners!!!!!) but they seem a good crowd so I emailed an article on clicker training.

Smallholder Magazine also want me to write another and I must find the time to do so. It will help towards the extortionate hay prices this winter!!!

I may also have a part time job as an exam invigilator from September which will help and get me out meeting more people, which I love to do.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


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