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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I think I have found my new dog.

I went to a small rescue centre this afternoon, after talking last night on the phone to a friend who mentioned a Deerhound near him that was up for rehoming. I had previously told him that I wanted to get a Bernese Mountain Dog like his Henry, who I fell in love with in Ettrick, and said I would call him Ben after my old pony.

They only have a few dogs at this centre but one was a year old Scottish Deerhound male. The card said his name was Longshot.

When I asked about his history they told me that he was a stray who had been picked up and taken home by an 86 year old man. He proved too energetic for him so he had reluctantly handed him over but kept phoning to check on him.

They had scanned him and he is microchipped but his old owners are no longer at that address and cannot be traced. His registered name for his microchip is Ben!!!

I took him for a run and it just felt completely right. He is a sweetheart and loves everyone and everything. I'm taking Megs and Flora to meet him tomorrow.

The girl in charge said she had rung her boss while I was out with Ben to say that she thought she had found him the perfect home. I think that I have found the perfect dog and have felt peaceful and happy ever since I met him.

I just hope that Megs and Flora agree!!!!

I have also joined a local running club and did my first ever run last week. I managed 2.6 miles. Ben will be the perfect running companion.


  1. He's cute! I love Wolfhounds and Deerhounds! I'm glad you found what sounds like the perfect dog. :)

  2. What a fabulous face! I'm glad you found him...

  3. What a gorgeous dog -congratulations!

  4. What an elegant looking fellow! If you are going to run he should be the perfect dog to keep you company.

    I am so happy you found him!

  5. He looks gorgeous - I love the face shot. He looks like a very wise and gentlemanly chap. I think you will have a great time together.

  6. AAaah, he is BEAUTIFUL!
    I have had a secret dream about a Deerhound or a Wolfhound for a long time. I am getting really envious now!!!
    Good luck with your new family member, Helen!

    And congratulations on your run!

  7. Thank you all very much.

    He is indeed very wise and gentlemanly, Charlotte, and has stolen everyone's hearts already.

    He is perfectly behaved in the house and in the car, and he loves everyone.

    Yet this is his fifth home that we know of in his one year of life.




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