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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Ben Is In Residence.

I collected Ben on Friday and it already seems like he has lived here for years. He is very clever, easy going and calm. He's only interested in people and dogs and has ignored everything else, so far anyway.

It's really strange but I have felt much better ever since I first met him, and Meg, who has been very unsettled lately, has quietened down too.

It's as though we all feel better for having a big, calm, affectionate, wise, gentle man always around again.

It has been nearly a year now after all.

Thank you Ben. You've made our family complete again.

We went too visit some Clydesdale logging horses at home today. They are owned by a Home Office psychological profiler who is passionate about keeping the skills alive and gives lessons for nothing.

The horses are just beautiful - Silent, Mystic, Starlight and Claymore.

I will write about that, plus photos, tomorrow.


  1. Helen, you are lucky to find a Deerhound, they are my second fav dogs after GS.My friend in Australia absolutly swears by them,very easy going people friendly.
    So glad ne found you,seems like it was pre destined somehow.I have had a look at the horse whisperers
    web site,he looks a lovely guy,someone I would love to talk to!
    Enjoy your Valentines boy.
    All Love Jx

  2. Thank you very mich, Janette.

    Peter is a really lovely guy and his kind and empathetic emails have helped me a lot, regardless of what I believe.

    Peter believes in guardian angels. It's a lovely, comforting thought.

    I emailed him my videos of Jack and Bella doing their display and he said it was very impressive, especially Jack.

    I think he understands that some special horses need to choose their own outline, for the sake of their emotional wellbeing.

    People feel better for keeping their chins up. Jack needs to keep his down.

    I hope to meet him one day and think I probably will, somehow.

  3. Wow, it looks as if Ben has had no trouble at all settling in! He is totally mellowed out. So glad you've found the perfect dog. Meg looks happy too.

    It's not often you can add to your family so easily.

    The Clydes sound wonderful. Nice to hear they are working horses too. It must give them a sense of self-worth. I am looking forward to the pictures.

  4. He is soooo cute! I'm glad you found him.



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