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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Loch Creran Clydesdales.

These horses are used for commercial logging and do logging displays. Claymore also does dressage competitions.

One horse can pull one and a half tons of timber on an articulated timber arch which reduces drag to an absolute minimum.

The aim is for one horse to move 20 tons of timber in a day. They work mostly free and answer voice commands to turn, stop, back, etc.

They are kept tied in stalls at night so that they train themselves to stand quietly and patiently. Their owner feeds them according to pecking order and provides them with a herd leader. There is very little squabbling amongst them.

Their owner, Mike Grayson, is very keen to keep the skills of working horses alive and will train anyone for nothing. He gave us several hours of his time and knowledge and let us play with Silent in long reins, as you can see with one of my friends having a try.

Silent was patience and steadfastness personified.

We have been invited back again to learn how to drive them and I have invited Mike Grayson to come and meet my ponies, which he has very generously agreed to.

We had a lovely time with these beautiful, calm, kind, generous horses and people and can't wait to return.

I had net the horses before a few months ago when I helped muck them out for a few days while Mike was in hospital but that was at 5am, so it was lovely to see them in daylight at last!






  1. Love those Clydes. Ben looks like a lot of fun. My half-brother has an Irish wolf hound. Like Ben, he is big, long-legged, hairy, and a super good dog. I love driving and drafts. Such gentle kindness in large animals.

  2. Wow they grow some long winter coats!! They are so beautiful. That is so cool that you guys got to drive one of them in long reins. That would be so fun.



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