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Thursday, 13 May 2010

How Many Horses?

I was talking to a young friend of mine today about someone she knows whose family have bred Arabs for many years. Their accountant stole all their money and they (mother, son and daughter) ended up living in a stable rather than part with their horses, who are now mostly in their 30s. They have over 20 of them plus donkeys and alpacas and they work all hours and go without themselves so they can keep their animals.

My young friend said that theirs were the best Arabs in the world and that they were amazing people.

It made me feel very guilty and humble, worrying about how many I have as though there should be a limit. It's the responsibility that scares me now that it's mine alone, and maybe it would them too if it wasn't a family concern, but I firmly believe that mine are the best Dales and Fells in the world too, even if I can't take the credit for breeding them.

I can't keep all of them forever but I'm very, very lucky to have them at all and I will appreciate and enjoy them for as long as they are here. Bella, Jack and Grace I will keep no matter what it takes, and Bertie too, if he turns out to be half the pony I think he is.

And I must stop angst-ing over everything and everyone before it becomes an ingrained habit!!!!!!!!

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  1. I have this problem too and struggle with it daily, so don't take this personally . . . . stop worrying about the future! Enjoy the present!

    Now I'm going to go figure out how to follow my own advice because I'm a chronic worrier who is way beyond the ingrained habit stage lol! :D

    *whispers* I think you should keep Bertie! :)



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