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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Animal update.

I have my first paid job with my animals on July 31st. I am being paid to take some tame animals to Linslade Canal Festival for the children (and adults!) to make a fuss of.

Along with two of the Alpacas (Sam and little Saphire), Teddy my tamest sheep, the Barnacle Geese, Felix the lamb (who thinks he is human anyway), I wanted a pair of Kune Kune weaners and a goat.

I found both at a smallholding a few miles away and the father and son there are in return buying my last tractor (not the Manitou, I hasten to add!!). They also wanted to buy my bull but I've already sold him to the man who gave me Felix the lamb.

The Kune Kunes are both female, adorable and no trouble at all! They have a big (for them) paddock and a huge brick built house which used to be a goose house, then a turkey house. Everybody loves them to bits, including me!

One of my two old goats has cancer and is not going to be around much longer so I needed to find another goat as a friend for the other old girl, plus a friend for Felix. I have bought a very young Toggenburg nanny goat with a two month old kid at foot. I put the nanny (Ruby) in with the two old goats during the day and her kid (Amber) in with Felix, then they go back togther at night. This is working really well and they are all getting on well together.

Photos!!!!! The two piglets are called Truffles (the darker coloured one) and Toffee.

Amber and Felix



The Fells babies enjoying the sun with their new mentor and guardian, Tom, 25yo and wise beyond his years!


  1. Love the bouncing lamb--four feet never on the ground. *lol* And the little piggies are adorable. How can you not love such cutie pies.

  2. Felix and Amber are so cute together. I love the Toggenburgs.

    I've never heard of that breed of pig. They are so adorable and I love the names. :)

    Don't you just love being surrounded by so many different critters?? It's the best feeling in the world. :)

  3. Thank you both very much. They always make me smile, and everyone else come to that!!!



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