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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Novillero Comes To His New Home.

I can't believe what a lovely boy Novillero is! He very much reminds me of Bella when we picked her up and she was a year old - twice Novillero's age!

He very nearly walked straight up the ramp into the lorry but hesitated at the last second. The ramp was quite steep but he allowed himself to be bundled in from behind without protest and immediately started tucking into the haynet waiting for him.

When we arrived home an hour and a half later he was totally cool and calm, not a bead of sweat anywhere, still munching, and walked quietly down the ramp like a pro!

It was such a lovely day I decided to turn him straight out in a paddock with Dougal as he's used to minis, and Dougal LOVED having a new friend to play with and spent the first half hour with his head mostly between Novillero's hind legs!

Bringing him into the barn tonight caused a lot of excitement among the older horses but Novillero was very relaxed and went straight to his haylage! It's like having a flashy horse with the temperament of a Dales Pony! I never, ever thought I'd find another youngster as laid back and sensible as Bella was but so far he definitely seems to be out of the same mould!

I knew I'd bought the right one as soon as I saw his bold, trusting reaction to the horsebox (he's never been loaded before) and everything he's done since has convinced me further. I'm absolutely delighted with him, and, as you'll see, so is Dougal!!!!


  1. Oh my, he really does look lovely!! And how cute are he and Dougal together. I'm not sure I'd be able to get anything done if the two of them were in my yard. I'd be spending all my time just watching them.

    Wishing you all the joy and satisfaction possible with your new boy. He sounds like a perfect young fellow with a super attitude.

  2. Thank you very much, Jean! They are very entertaining, the pair of them! It's great that Dougal has a job now too.



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