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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Escaro Novillero.

Please meet my new boy - Escaro Novillero. He was born on the 18th August 2011 and has just been weaned. He will be coming to his new home here later this week.

This is his sire, Ulises, an unregistered Andalusian imported from Spain. He is very sociable and friendly and high school trained, including lying down which we were shown today.

His dam is Camisa, a registered PRE of pure Carthusian blood. She is by Emperador XXV and out of Dotado III. She was bred by Mario Torio Collantes of Madrid. She was out in the field wearing a rug so I couldn't get a very good photo of her.

Both parents are about 15.3 which is just the sort of height I had in mind.

Novillero's breeder told me very seriously that they are great believers in treat based training and when I told her that I'm a clicker trainer she whooped and gave me a double thumbs up!! The stallions there are unbelievably polite, well behaved and friendly. We were also introduced to a beautiful Friesian stallion whose owner is circus trained and a former cossack rider. She had him performing all sorts of trucks in return for treats with complete trust and great enjoyment on both sides - a wonderful advert for treat based training. I felt very much that I was among new friends at their yard!

I think Novillero will probably have his own blog so I can keep a clear record of his development and progress.


  1. He looks beautiful! And Dad is looker too. As you say, hard to tell about Mom with that rug, but she has a kind, interested expression and that tells a lot.

    I am truly looking forward to reading about Novillero's progress. He's one lucky boy to have found you and you him.


  2. Thank you very much, Jean! I can't wait to get him home!!!!



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