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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Next Plan!!!

I went to see the foal but he wasn't for me. He dished really badly and he had small eyes which showed a lot of white. He just didn't look like my kind of horse.

Ribamontan, his sire, is to die for but his owner wouldn't let me have him!!!

I'm not going to say too much for fear of jinxing the next one but I've been to try the horse of my dreams and I'm going back again as soon as the snow here clears. He can teach me everything, and I do mean everything, that I'm so keen to teach Bella! He's the schoolmaster of anyone's dreams and I just need to find the courage to go for it!!

Grace gave a little girl the best birthday of her life today. She gave her her first ever proper riding lesson, with an instructor friend, and behaved impeccably despite bitingly cold weather and not having been ridden for ages. Grace's fan club grew by 5 people - the little girl, her mum, her aunt, their friend and the instructor - who all thought she was wonderful and I got hugged by everyone involved! A lovely day for all of us, all thanks to Gracie!

Horses - they're loads of work and time and money but the good ones give us SO much joy in return! You just can't put a price on joy, can you?


  1. Pricelss indeed. I say that every time I take out my checkbook to pay a horse bill. *G*

    But it's true. There is nothing I'd rather spend my money on.

  2. Sorry the baby didn't work, but good job listening to your gut!

    That's so sweet about Gracie. What a happy girl she made. :D



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