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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New Homes for Ponies.

I recently found really good homes for Crystal and Justin. Crystal has gone to someone with 22 acres of their own land and two small children who want a pony to play with and ride out with their mum.

Justin has gone to a very experienced lady who show jumps and hunter trials with her 2 other horses, one of which is a 10yo Andalusian she has owned from a foal and backed and brought on herself. She wanted a young pony to bring on herself for her son, who is 6 years old at the moment.

She has never had a Fell or a Dales before and is used to more highly bred types so Justin has been a total revelation to her. Like me when I first got Bella she never realised that having a youngster could be so easy and stress free!!!

She took Justin to the Fell Area Spring Show on Sunday and when I told Josh's owner that she was going they entered Josh (I should say Jaffa, previously known as Josh!!!) too.

I went along to watch (and to lend them white show halters (I'd been to watch Mike again the night before and we didn't get home until after midnight so I was terrified of over-sleeping and them having nothing to show them in!!!

No-one would ever have believed that it was their first ever show! They were both immaculately behaved, so much so that Justin was shown in the Young Handler class by his owner's 6yo son and never put a hoof wrong! If anything he could have done with waking up a bit!!! I was so proud of them both, and it was Jaffa's owner's first show too, but they were all brilliant!

There was a lovely moment in the ring when the two ponies quite obviously suddenly recognised each other and just stared at each other, then went straight into mutual grooming when they came out of the ring!!!

I came home feeling quite emotional and hoping that I could find as good a home for Jamie too, and that he might be at the next show as well.

Justin's owner text me the very next day to say that, although she'd missed a hunter trial to go to the show, the whole family had had the "best day ever" and she is now "totally besotted" with Fells and would like to buy Jamie as well!!!!! I can't think of anyone I'd rather sell him to.

So now I just have Merlin to go, as far as rehoming is concerned. If I can find him as good a home as the others have found it will be a job very well done indeed!!!

These photos aren't very good because I didn't have the camera on the right setting so I've ordered a collage of 7 photos from the professional photographer at the show.
I'll scan and copy it onto here when it arrives.


  1. That is so fantastic!!! I'm excited for you and them. What wonderful homes for them. :)

  2. What angels!! I am so happy they are all getting such good homes. I can already see they are loved.

  3. Thank you very much achieve1dream and Jean!



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