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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Holiday.

Life has been very hectic around here lately!!!

I've been replacing the 30yo post and rail fencing with permanent electric fencing attached to wooden fence posts. I've been removing the old rails, saving the posts I can and pushing in new posts with my trusty Manitou where they can't be saved.

I can't believe how much difference it's making to the look of the place. The fields all look bigger and so neat and tidy, and with the Manitou I can knock down old fencing and put up new very fast and easily. I'm already about half way through the job and I don't seem to have spent that many hours on it really.

We had the bank holiday off and went for a BIG adventure!!! It has been Mike's lifelong dream to own a donkey and, as he has a lifetime of putting up with me and my horses in front of him, it seemed only fair that he should have his wish.

I found a pair of weaned colt foals advertised and instantly fell in love with the photos and description of the coloured one. Mike loved the other one so we hired a horsebox, loaded the 3 dogs in the grooms compartment and headed for Wales for the weekend.

We went through the Forest of Dean and the Brecon Beacons, which were beautiful, and stayed the night in a hotel by the sea. The dogs had their first ever runs on a beach, and then went to buy the donkeys.

Their previous owner moved to Wales from Essex 12 years ago with her husband and he then died, leaving her completely in the middle of no-where in the Welsh hills. How she survived that I will never know. I had enough trouble surrounded by friends.

She met her new partner, and academic and lovely person, on an internet dating agency and he's moved in with her on her 18 acres. The similarities between us all were amazing and we could have chatted for days but we had to drag ourselves away for the 7 hour drive home!

I can't drive a hired horsebox yet as you have to have passed your test for at least 2 years so poor Mike had to do all the driving. He's never transported livestock before but understood the requirements instantly and gave his new family a lovely smooth ride home.

Here are Rhys and Louie with Mike on arrival home. They are lovely, well behaved, friendly donkeys and follow everyone around, braying when you leave them. They lead beautifully, especially Rhys (the coloured) who is very confident and bold, pick up their feet and stand perfectly, and they love fuss and attention. I keep telling Mike that they're HIS donkeys but I am very smitten with them, especially Rhys. I've never had anything to do with donkeys before so it's lovely getting to know all about the and their characteristics.

Mike looks a bit like Old Father Time at the moment as the theatre company won't let him trim his beard or hair. It'll be down to his knees before the play finishes at the beginning of June! Having just spent practically every minute with him for 48hours, mostly in a horsebox, I can't wait to have him here full time again when his tour ends.


One Man and his Donkeys!



  1. Donkeys are definitely bright little creatures with amazing personalities. And, I do think they form strong attachments. Your two are beautiful!! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you very much, Jean and Anita!!!

  3. Aww they are so cute! I love my donkey. I never realized how fun they are until I got mine. You're going to have so much fun with them.



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