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Thursday, 17 February 2011

News Update.

I have so much news to write about (all of it good!!!) but life is so hectic at the moment that I'm having trouble finding time to write!!!!!!!

Firstly Josh (or Jaffa as he's now known), the 2yo Fell Pony that I sold in October, is doing fantastically in his new home and his owners are delighted with him. He goes for walks in hand around the roads and takes everything in his stride. They say he is ridiculously laid back and sensible and acts as though he's seen and done everything before, and been doing it all for years.

I'm so happy that he's got such a good home and gets so much time and attention - that's just what I want to find for the others too!!!

My social life with Mike has expanded even further and we've had loads of outings. We went to The Devil's Horsemen's Christmas Panto, which was brilliant, and met up with Rosie afterwards who was the star of the show. It was so good to see her again and as we parted she turned back when Mike wasn't looking and gave me a double thumbs up, mouthing "he's lovely!"

Then we went to the theatre 3 times, twice in London (including The National Theatre) and once in Suffolk. The Suffolk play was my favourite. It featured a would-be superhero who called himself 'Aquaboy'! It was really funny and I loved it.

We also went to see Rosie with Geoff Billington and Ollie Townend in their 'Champions Tour'. Again Rosie and Tinker were the stars of the evening for us and Tinker had all the audience "ahhhh"ing with his cute routine.

Mike is now in his second week of rehersals with Eastern Angles Theatre Company in Suffolk and is only back home from Friday night to Monday morning, which is taking a bit of getting used to after having him here most of the time, but it's almost worth it for the excitement of seeing him again after all week apart!

They start touring with the play "Up Out O'The Sea" by Andrew Holland on March 4th in Lowestoft when he'll only be home Sundays and Mondays but I will get to see him in action at one of the venues (probably Peterborough) which is very exciting!!! It's a cast of 5 and he plays a grumpy fisherman called Dolphie and has the 1st and last lines in the play!!!

It does mean that I can concentrate on my ponies more the rest of the time and I've managed to get quite a lot done with Bella, Kate and Merlin this week, for a change!!


  1. Wonderful news about the impending wedding! Wishing you both the best.

    Sounds like some busy times, but good ones. I can read a smile into every line you write. *S*

  2. Hey Helen!

    Glad you're happy with how Jaffa's doing! We love him! He's going exploring with us tomorrow in Ashridge! :D A link to the blog for Zoh and I!

    Hope to see you fairly soon,




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