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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Eastern Angles Play.

We had a fantastic weekend!!!

On Sunday night we went to the O2 building in London to see Ben E King (Stand by Me) and Gary U S Bonds perform and they were absolutely brilliant!! It was impossible to stay in your seat and not get up and dance. Until I met Mike I didn't think I did dancing!!!

I love the buzz and excitement of London and the O2 is a very impressive and welcoming venue.

On Monday morning I went back to Ipswich with Mike and met the rest of the cast and the director, etc. They were all really kind and friendly, especially Lisa-Marie, who is in her twenties and has just met the love of her life, so we have a lot in common!!!! She gave me a huge hug and we compared notes!!!

I had a leisurely afternoon shopping in the town centre (and I found a Lakeland shop and got some Munchy Seeds, which I haven't had in ages and they are my absolute favourite) then met Mike back at the theatre after work and was treated to an Indian!

I came home this morning on the train and spent most of the journey talking about keeping hens, smallholdings, and life in general, to the lady I found myself sitting next to. She said that she wished she lived closer, as we had so much in common, and she invited Mike and I to go and stay with her in Norwich, which was really kind.

If you would like to see Mike and find out more about the play here is a link to Eastern Angles website

And a link to some photos of the cast
Mike is in the first, third and fourth photos.

Mike and Laura were also on BBC Suffolk Radio this afternoon talking about the play. Their warm, cheerful and enthusiastic voices were lovely to listen to and they made the play sound unmissable!

OK, I know I'm biased but they really did!!!

Mike is one in a million - I am very, very lucky!!!!


  1. Mike is a handsome fellow. He looks like a great guy--the pics give off really good vibes.

    Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time. It's so good to read your upbeat posts!

  2. Thank you very much, Jean - he is and I am!!!!

    If there's any way you could get over to England for June 30th 2012 it would be wonderful if you could come to our wedding celebrations!!!!

  3. This Saturday we're off to see Edward Fox in a one man Anthony Trollope evening at the Riverside Theatre in London!

    It's a hard life but someone has to go and keep an eye on Mike and stop him getting lost!!!!!!!

  4. I am just so happy for you!! My Bri & I have been living together for almost a year now - may marry, may not - we're happy and that's all that matters!! Keep us posted and most of all be very, very happy!!



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