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Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I've finally got around to backing Merlin, the 6 year old ex stallion Fell Pony. He's been absolutely brilliant and hasn't worried about it at all. I sat on him bareback and got off and on half a dozen times, clicking and treating him for standing still, on Sunday, then yesterday I put a saddle on him (he has worn a saddle and been led around in it a couple of times before, plus worn a roller in his stable a few times) and did the same.

I even dismount normally now (instead of very carefully as dismounting is what often unnerves them to begin with) and he stands like a rock! He is almost unrecognisable from the scared and spooky pony that he was when he arrived here just over six months ago.

I want to work towards doing something for cancer research with my ponies. I don't know what yet but it has to be something I can work on getting myself and them fit and ready for - something that will be hard work for me and give me a real sense of pride and achievement to complete. I read on the blog of some cyclists that some people choose to turn over in bed and go back to sleep but they choose to get up cycle to train for cancer research. I want that to be me but I think it should include my ponies somehow too but without over stretching them too much as this is my crusade really, not theirs!

Any ideas would be very gratefully received!!!

Here is Merlin yesterday:

Merlin gets very excited at the thought of being ridden!!!

What he has to put up with - geese underfoot and a goat hogging the camera!! Nothing like making sure everything's quiet with no distractions when working with a youngster!!!

Proof that he's backed!


  1. Helen, he is an absolutely gorgeous boy! That barnyard noise is so good for them; they learn noise is something to just "eh, whatever" about. I have never tiptoed around my animals. They just learn the idiocy never goes away, so deal. I do not allow small children to shriek and run around in the barn, just outside of it.

  2. He's come a long way due to your excellent and consistent care and handling!

  3. What a beautiful boy he is! Good job of training. He is going to be a star under saddle.

  4. Awww what cute pictures!! Sounds like he's doing fantastic!



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