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Monday, 20 September 2010

The Fell Two Year Olds, Now and 6 Months Ago.

I took some photos of the two year old Fells the other day and here they are, along with the photos of them when they arrived here 6 months ago:





  1. Wow! What a nice difference. You have done wonders. It's so good to see happy, healthy horses again. Congratulations.

  2. Oh my goodness they are cute cute cute!!!!!! They look so good!

  3. I read your blog often, but I wanted to say congratulations, the Fells are looking really well and healthy.

  4. All three are coming along nicely....they must be two, butt high and lanky! I think of the three, Justin is the one I would take home just on looks alone! How are they personality wise? Josh, I think, has a cuter head but Justin has a friendlier expression. Bet it would cost an absolute fortune to pop them across the pond, so to speak, what with quarentine and all.

  5. Thank you very much everyone.

    phaedra, I will answer your questions tomorrow, I promise, as it's got a bit late tonight!! I've been helping get my 2nd cut of haylage baled and wrapped and been driving very large tractors again!!!!

  6. Hello Susan, by the way. Lovely to meet you!

    phaedra, Justin is the quietest, most laid back 2yo I have ever come across! Nothing phases him at all and he refuses to worry about life! I don't think he'll be the most intellegent or sensitive pony ever but he'll certainly be Mr Reliable In All Circumstances!! The RDA group I helped with wanted me to train one for them and I think Justin would be very good for the job.

    Josh is very quiet and docile too but has a little more get up and go than Justin.

    Jamie is VERY bold and intellegent and a born leader. He'll be the performance pony of the three, I think, and the most athletic. He's by a different stallion to the other two and I think it shows.

    Of the three I think Jamie would be the one that would suit my personality best, as he has a lot of similar personality traits to Bella.

  7. So, are you keeping him then? What about the other two? Since they are just two, they have a long way to go before they can be trained to saddle or harness, but what do you see for them down the road?

  8. No phaedra, I can't keep them. I don't have the time to do so many horses justice, or the energy, come to that! I don't think I could afford it in the long term either.

    My plan was always to lightly back and mouth them next spring and then find them good homes where they'll be brought on slowly, unless anyone comes along who wants one of them beforehand.

    I'll have given them a good start in life and there are plenty of good people out there who can give them excellent homes with far more time and attention than I can.

    I should also sell their dad (who is now called Merlin!) next year but everytime I look into his eyes my heart says "No".



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