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Thursday, 30 September 2010


Sorry, in a rush, will finish this post later but needed to copy and paste photo to someone!!!


  1. So cute! More information, please!

  2. Well, Kate, meet Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a sweet face, this is the mare that was abused by a so-called Western rider, right?

  4. Yes, phaedra, she is and she is really sweet.

    I have a German couple coming here from HelpX on the 20th October and Sarah is a really experenced rider and trainer so I'm going to hand Kate over to her while she's here. I need to sell her and if I do too much with her I'll get too fond of her. Plus I'm struggling to find the time.

    I want to concentrate on what has always been my mission - to show people that Dales and Fells are too good to be rare breeds and make more people want to own one.

    I posted the photo to email to Sarah. Her boyfriend, Jonathan, is an experienced carpenter so I can get loads of jobs that need doing around the place too!!!!

  5. It's so difficult! I love her to bits and don't want to sell her but I just can't do so many horses justice and I don't want to see her wasted.

    I guess it's much better to be selling one you think a lot of than trying to sell one you don't like!

  6. I think so, too. You loving this mare will make her potential buyers love her, too. Disliking a horse tells the buyer there is something wrong and they had better beware. I sure hope she finds a good home with someone to love her as much as you.

  7. Thank you, phaedra! You always seem to cheer me up!!!



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