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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Spiral Galaxies.

I have been talking to someone by email who I have just found out has a first class Honours degree in Astrophysics. Although I love looking at the moon and the stars I know very little about them so I googled Astrophysics and found this, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope:

Did you ever see anything more beautiful and fascinating?

I have also been reading this:

And just LOOK at this, The Crab Nebular, the shattered remnants of a star which exploded as a supernova in 1054AD. It is just SO beautiful and mind-boggling to think about:

I really must make the time to find out more about astronomy.


  1. I saw a program on NASA aeons ago that was just photo after photo. Absolutely awesome and impressive. I would so love to be able to paint those or create them in quilts. Just amazing. And so on we go; onward and upwards towards morning. Yay!!!

  2. The universe is a fascinating place, both above the earth and below. Ironically, some of the deep sea can be so similar to the heavens.

    It can all keep you mesmerized for hours.

  3. I worked in a planetarium for a year. Best job ever. I am still filled with wonder more than 20 years later.

  4. Helen, wheeeeerrre aaaarrre yoooooou???? Doing okay?

  5. Thank you very much everyone.

    phaedra96, thank you!!!! I've been away for an amazing weekend with a very good friend in Scotland. It took most of last week to get things organised before I went.

    I'll write a post and show you all the photos asap. You are so kind to have worried about me!



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