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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bringing all the Threads Together.

I have a huge and ambitious new plan. I have learned a lot about a lot of new and exciting things lately and I need to find a reason for all of it - a plan, an adventure, motivation to get my horses going again and to repay some of the many people who have helped me, and give my friends and horses some fun and a project for us all to work on together.

My plan is to organise a Medieval themed weekend in Scotland. To take my Dales Ponies up there to ride an ancient drover's way or two and to have a horseback Falconry lesson, an archery lesson and a carriage driving lesson while we are there.

And, of course, take loads of photos for all of you.

I'm hoping that my friend will join us with his Clydesdale so that I can tie it all in with someone near here who is doing amazing work teaching people how to keep the skills of working with heavy horses alive, with his own Clydesdales and in his spare time, and all for no financial reward - just because he cares passionately about the cause.

Well, I do too, and about preserving rare breeds and ancient, timeless arts such as Falconry, archery and driving horses.

Would any of you be prepared to give me some help and advice, please? I'd like to somehow try to raise funds for the Rare Breeds Survival Trust plus some publicity for the man with the working Clydesdales, the Falconry Centre, Archery Centre, and the driving centre that uses rescue ponies and disadvantaged local children to do amazing displays.

I would also like to throw astronomy into the mix somehow, if possible, and tie in as many of these recurring threads from the last few months as possible - horses, owls, dogs, Alpacas, vaulting and Jive Pony, The Devil's Horsemen and Medieval Banquets, the stars, Scotland, etc, etc.

I'm not sure if I believe that everything happens for a reason or that finding a reason means that I can make the most of every opportunity that comes my way but, either way, I really would like to make something happen with all of this and involve the big team of friends I've made to do some good for good causes and good people.

And I'd like to prove that dreams can come true and anything is possible if you try hard enough - that magic and romance are alive and well and out there for the finding.

Please do give me your thoughts and opinions.

Thank you all very much.


  1. HOLY MOLY, you are ambitious. I would have absolutely no idea even where to start. I think you need to pick your friend Rosie's brain and find out how they plan, run and move their shows. You also need to find where you plan to hold this; accomodations, liabilities, how many you can have attend, what attractions there are, and so on. Start with a master plan-a chart of what you wish to offer, who can present it, what you need to present it. WOW. What an undertaking!

  2. Wow, I think it's a fantastic idea and sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I lived in the same country lol. I unfortunately can be of no help because I have no experience with these kinds of things. I do look forward to hearing how it goes though. :)

  3. Thank you very much, phaedra96 and achieve1dream!

  4. Helen, you are really something - I am so impressed with your ideas and plans. You go for it!! The power to believe and to dream is a wonderful thing and I am always impressed and amazed by those that dare to dream.

    It sounds a fantastic idea - unfortunately I have no connections to help you but really hope that it all comes to fruition.



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