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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Our Wedding Day!!

      With my mum, dad, brother and his wife.                                                          
With both sets of parents                                                              

It was, without doubt, the best day of my life! The ceremony was very small and relaxed with only very close
friends and family at the registry office (they are all in the above photo) - and a cannon to pose with, which is why I picked that venue!!! 

In the evening we had about 120 guests back here for a hog roast. I'd spent weeks getting the garden ready and hired a marquee in case the weather didn't behave (it was a glorious, very hot day and we were very lucky!). Again it was all very relaxed and informal and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The hog roast, Pimms fountain and chocolate fountain were fantastic and everyone raved about them. 

Unfortunately I forgot to take any evening photos until nearly everyone had gone home but I'm hoping that other people did. Here are the afternoon photos with family and friends who came to the registry office.

The dogs got far too much to eat and slept practically all the next day!

It was a really wonderful, magical day. I couldn't really see the point of getting married until we did it but I'm so glad we did now! I love being married - it feels great!!!!!


  1. You both look so happy as does everyone else. Who can blame them? I love the concept of a simple ceremony and a wonderful outdoor party afterwards. Everything looks wonderful.

    Is that the dress you got on eBay? Not sure I remember what it looked like. Whatever, the one you are dressed in suits the occasion perfectly.

    I wish you both the best of everything and tons of happiness. I think your dogs express it all. Their utter contentment speaks volumes about all the love surrounding your household.

    Thanks so much for sharing your special day.

  2. Thank you very much, Jean, it was a really lovely day!! I decided the eBay dress was too fussy and bought that one instead from Oasis.

    I'm a theatre widow at the moment as Mike is working at the Chichester Festival understudying Derek Jacobi, among others (3 parts so lots of lines to learn!). I'm driving down there tomorrow for the press night of the play - George Bernard Shaw's Heartbreak House. Learning to drive has certainly paid off!!!

  3. Derek Jacobi!! Ohmigosh, he is my absolute favorite actor. Got to see him in person about three times here in the US when he toured through. His talent is amazing. And Mike is his understudy???!!! I am in absolute awe. If you see Sir Derek, please extend greetings and utmost admiration from "across the pond."

    What plays are they doing?

  4. so caught up in Derek Jacobi I didn't read to the George Bernard Shaw part....So happy you can get yourself there to join in the whole experience.

  5. Thanks very much, Jean. I didn't get to meet Derek Jacobi (Mike says he's a really lovely person) as he didn't come to the press party after the play. I did meet George Leighton who's quite a well known actor over here and some of the others. Mike's really enjoying working with all of them. It's only a very small cast of 12 so it's brilliant that they're all fun to work with. I've asked Mike to pass your greetings on and he said he will. I might get to meet him at a future date as the play runs until the end of August.

    There were some brilliant lines in there about horses being the secret of a happy home!!!

  6. Wow I never saw your wedding post! You look so beautiful in your pretty dress!! Thanks for leaving the blog up. I'll be going back to see what I missed. :) Congrats on getting married!



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