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Monday, 31 October 2011

Autumn Walk with Dogs.

I took Ben, Meggie and Flora for a walk in and around Ashridge Forest, which is just a couple of miles from us, on Sunday morning. They are such good dogs and we had a lovely time, surrounded by fabulous scenery. I do love autumn!

I've also started doing 'Boxercise' on Monday nights. It's fantastic fun, a brilliant work-out and great for de-stressing. My instructor said that she wouldn't pick a fight with me as I punch too hard! I was very proud of that. I'm the most pacifist person in the world but I do like to put 100% into everything and to do my best at things, and I'm also finding out just how determined and competitive I am when it's only myself I'm pushing and not a horse! It was my second session and I LOVE it! I'm trying to get fitter ready for this:


  1. Quite beautiful....oh, yes, and so's the scenery!

    What cute "puppies." They do look as if they are having a grand time in what appears to be the perfect place for a nice long walk.

  2. Your dogs are adorable! Is the big one an Irish Wolfhound or Scottish Deerhound (or something I've never heard of)? I love how much bigger he/she is from the others. I bet they are all best buds.

    Good luck with the marathon! I need to start working out again. I miss it. :)

  3. Thank you very much, achieve1dream! Ben is mostly Scottish Deerhound and he's much less trouble than the two little ones!!!!



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