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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Trying Something New.

Mike and I have booked a western lesson at David Deptford's Sovereign Quarter Horses in a couple of weeks time. I'm having an hours lesson and Mike half an hour (I've only had him riding twice so far and, although his confidence has come on in leaps and bounds, he hasn't even trotted yet so we must find time to do a bit more at home before then!).

Impatient to begin as always, I bought a used treeless Barefoot Arizona saddle on eBay last week and I LOVE it!!! It's incredibly comfortable and doesn't put me in a chair seat, which I had thought it might. I've ridden Jack and Grace in it so far and they seem very happy in it. I am finding it difficult to tighten the cinch sufficiently (it's so different to English girthing) which means the saddle is slipping back quite badly but never slips at all laterally, Jack and Grace don't seem to mind but I do need to sort it though as I end up with far too much horse in front of the saddle!

I think that Jack would be perfect for western as he's much happier and more confident if he can keep his head carriage low and I always feel mean trying to encourage him to raise it. He copes with his limited sight much better with his head low, in the 'confident horse' position and I'm sure he knows what's best for him in this case. I'm also much more of a western style rider really, I think, and it would be great to find something that Jack could really shine in - outdo his younger sister Bella for once!!

I'm really looking forward to having a ride on a Quarter Horse as it's years now since I sat on a different type of horse to my cobby lot.

Photos of Jack and then Grace with the saddle.


  1. So glad you're enjoying Western!! I loved it the very first time as I'd always ridden English before and found this so much more comfortable, especially on a quarter horse. I have not had the pleasure of riding lately but reading this blogs got me wanting!!!

    Glad you are so happy!!


  2. Thank you very much Lornz and it's really lovely to hear from you. I hope you're really happy too! Big hugs to you too!!!

  3. Glad you are trying something new. The saddle looks comfy and I am a big advocate of treeless.

  4. The saddle sounds awesome. I'm going to try treeless too when I can afford it. I'll have to keep this one in mind since it doesn't cause a chair seat. You might have to try a breastcollar to keep the saddle from sliding back. :)

    Have fun with the lesson. I can't wait to hear how the lesson goes.

  5. Thank you very much, both of you. Our lesson has been postponed for another couple of weeks (was supposed to be this Sunday but they've got to take their daughter to uni). I was really looking forward to it but we'll get there in the end!!!



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