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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Brilliant Day.

I had a lovely day today! I've definitely got right back into the swing of enjoying my horses again and am even beginning to guard myself against getting too obsessed with them again, reminding myself that there's more to life than horses and balance is the key in all things!

I rode and did some in hand work with Bella this morning. Her in hand lateral work at trot was just lovely (reminding me that if it's not as free when ridden the weak link has to be me on top as opposed to on the floor!). We finished with some very expressive Spanish Walk and then, when I asked her to bow, she lay right down! This is about the third time she's offered this and I shower her with praise and treats every time so I'm hoping it will become an established part of our repertoire soon.

This is all totally at liberty ad I have never done anything to try to force or coerce her, just enthusiastically praised any bending of her hocks while she's bowing and hoped for the rest!!! I feel really humbled and honored that she trusts me enough and tries so hard to please that she will do this for me. She is definitely my little superstar and pony of a lifetime!

I also rode my last remaining Fell Pony of the four I rescued last year. I renamed him Merlin some time ago as I never thought Bertie suited him. Merlin is 7yo now and I have been very slow to get going with him but he is the kindest, most genuine pony you could ever wish to meet (and he's Bells's best friend nowadays too!). He is now backed, his steering is really good and I'm riding him around the farm. At 13hands he's really a bit small for me (although my farrier calls him Mr Stocky!) but I love riding him! He has the most brilliant, swinging walk and he's such a kind, steady, gentle little person. Everyone loves him - humans and horses alike - and he's never any trouble to anyone. I ought to sell him but I can't really see it happening, especially as he seems so happy and content now, after all the tough times he had before.

The third great thing that happened today was Mike had his first ever sit on a horse! I got him standing on the mounting block and told him to put his foot in the stirrup and he told me that was too dangerous a manoeuvre which had me literally falling about laughing! In the end he only tried getting on to stop me laughing and did really well, even managing to sit up and relax a bit after a few minutes walking around the yard. To try something like that at our time of life takes a lot of courage, I think, and I was really proud of him. He's keen to do some more so hopefully I can build his confidence slowly, if he wants to carry on. Either way I think it's very brave of him to give it a try!

A lovely day to remember!


  1. I agree. just a lovely day.

    As for Mike, I totally agree that it takes tons of courage to start riding as an adult. I do so hope he keeps it up so the two of you can share that passion for horses.

  2. Thank you Jean. We're going to have some western lessons soon with a view to a riding holiday in Colorado if Mike takes to it, so fingers crossed!!

  3. I'm excited you're working with the horses again and posting about it. :D I miss hearing about them.

    I'm excited Mike rode for the first time. So exciting. I hope he learns to love it so it's something you both can enjoy together.

    Congrats on Bella laying down. That's so awesome. She sounds like such a trusting and willing little mare.



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