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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Rhys and Louis's Mobile Home!

We had another great weekend!!!

On Sunday Mike had a day's filming in Winchester so I drove us there and went to have a look around the city. It's a beautiful place and I especially liked the Great Hall with what is supposed to be King Arthur's round table, the remains of the castle which gave me a very strange feeling of stepping back in time when I walked into the deepest part, and the Royal Hussars museum which had a model horse and soldier in a stall, with horse noises and the smell of stables wafting about! It was very clever and made me feel at home!

On Sunday we picked up the boy's new field shelter. Donkeys are not waterproof and need access to somewhere dry to stand when it rains and I'd hummed and haa'd over the alternatives and decided that this was the cheapest, most mobile and most convenient solution. I bought it on eBay and it was a real bargain considering the brilliant condition it's in.

Rhys followed a bucket straight in but Louis was a bit more circumspect and took a couple of days. Now he goes up and down the ramp with great confidence.

These two are really cute, beautifully behaved and easy to deal with, and very, very lovable!!! On opening the bedroom curtains in the morning they are often the first thing I see. Not a bad way to start the day - they always put a smile on my face!!!!


  1. What a cute little donkey house...and movable too. Great idea.

  2. They are so cute! And what a great donkey house. :) I've used horse trailers for shelter before, but our horses apparently preferred to stand in the rain lol.

  3. Hey, thanks for following Chrome's blog! I thought you already knew about it hehe. :) I just noticed all of your other blogs that I didn't know about so I'm going to have to check them out. I didn't know you'd made a wedding one. :)

  4. Than you very much Jean and achieve1dream.

    Rhys and Louis now lie down in the trailer as well so they must be very relaxed in there! It's lovely that they apprciate it because I did thin they'd probably prefer taking shelter under the trees. They obviously like their home comforts more than horses do.



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