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Thursday, 18 March 2010

My Fell Pony Herd!!!!

A friend and I collected my four Fell Ponies today and I am SO pleased with them. They loaded really well and have settled down straight away and seem very content and happy.

There are 3 rising two year old geldings and a six year old who was only gelded last year and is the sire of two of the youngsters.

Even if they hadn't gone for meat in the sale they were to be auctioned at they were all going to be broken to harness which I think would have been most unkind as two of them are only 18 months old.

I also bought a one eyed New Forest 4yo mare because I couldn't bear to leave her there and a friend of mine has already bought her to keep her here with her old mare. She is incredibly quiet, steady and kind but painfully thin as she was still feeding last year's foal.

The responsibilty of taking on all these extra horses has been frightening me half to death but I looked at them tonight, all cosy, warm, well fed and watered, and safe and I felt proud of myself. My friends are all being very supportive, kind and understanding which makes me feel a bit more safe myself and more in control, and they are sweet, gentle, lovely ponies who are worth all the angst.

It's taking a long, long time for me to get used to being in charge and making decisions about money, and it's still very scary stuff for me, but I am getting there slowly. I think most people feel the same really, they just got used to it a bit earlier in life than me!!!!!

I'm very tired tonight so will post photos tomorrow.


  1. Looking forward to the pictures. They sound like a lovely bunch of equines. And how lucky to be in your care!

  2. Congrats on your wonderful rescue! I can't wait to see pictures. :)

    Oh and I'm still getting used to making money decisions. It's scary not knowing if you're making the right decision! Luckily I have someone to help me. I'm sure you're doing just fine and you sure do pick a great cause to spend it on!



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